Living life in the fast lane. Because we have to.

“I don’t get why you young people are always so tired?”

My grandma can not get enough of throwing around this sentence every time she hears one of her grandchildren complain about how we have no time to get all our stuff done and we’d obviously rather take a nap instead.

How do you explain to someone who has seen the worst of life during a war, that we are exhausted from simply living? We have everything we could possibly want or need at our fingertips (and a hell of a lot more than that too) and yet we can’t seem to get around finding a balance in our lives. We never seem to take the time anymore to wind down and just enjoy what was given to us by nature, not technology.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor millennial meme


What I mean can be summed up in one simple tweet:

//“>Ik zit filmpjes te kijken over Millennials op laptop en ik lees mailtjes op mijn iPad en pin dingen op iPhone. And i’m like oops.🙊🙈😂

Losely translates too “Here I am watching clips about millennials on my laptop, reading e-mails on my Ipad and Pinning away on my Iphone and I’m like “whoops”.

So the woman who wrote this clearly gets what I’m trying to say here. No matter how much we want to take it slower or change the need of constantly being online, we don’t actually seem to get around to it. The generations born after let’s say 1982, were all forced to learn how to work with a computer. Gradeschool offered us courses on blind typing because “we would need it in the future”, middle school gave us our first real IT-lessons and by the time we transferred to actual high-school about 90% of us were registered at some kind of online social mediaplatform. Oldtimers like myself still have to soothe an aching heart when hearing the word ‘MySpace’, but it didn’t end there. Facebook picked up where Myspace left off.


Is Facebook enough? Nope! Please make sure you have the newest phone so you can download all of the following: Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare and so on! All of these apps will contribute to a highly controlled life where every step you take can be tracked, traced and discussed by your peers.

When you put it like this, it sounds quite ‘1984’, right? Yet none of us seem to look at it this way! None of us seem to care about the consequences an online life can have, until it is too late. It’s all shits and giggles ‘til someone giggles and shits, isn’t it?


We will keep buying new phones, new laptops, new apps and new everything else, as long as we live, because this is what we have made of ourselves. As long as the majority of people promote living life as fast and open as you can, it will maintain the standard to which all others must adhere. I myself included.


I wish for a world with lesser technological control, but I also wish I had the willpower to make it happen.

‘til Someone stands up and actually shuts it all down, I’ll be living my life in the fast lane, just like everybody else. Cheers to that.


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