Welcome to me (and oh yeah, You!)

Hello and welcome.

Wow that sounds stiff, but that’s still the polite and right way to do things, right?

Anyway this is just a very short welcome to myself and possible new readers as I once again find myself venturing into the world of blogging. Not sure yet how it’s gonna pan out or what exactly I’ll be writing about, but I’m sure it won’t be exactly what you expected.


Writings may include but are not limited to:

moanings about the shitty state of the world

Manic ramblings about how awesome my tiny world is

Personal journal style ramblings

Activity reviews (I’m somewhat of a fitgirl)

Excerpts of all kinds plus some thoughts on said excerpts

Old blog entries from previous blogs on other websites that I feel are still worth sharing here


It has taken me quite the while to get back a point in my life where I want to write, but I guess this is it.


Feel free to follow, comment, share of course.


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